A Wedding
A Wedding
The Lohber Family Players present...

 The Lohber Family Players Present

A Wedding


James Lohr & Jonathan Weber

request your terpsichorean powers to dance by the light of the Jellicle Moon.

OK, look fuckers, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, you missed your chance. You can still come to the wedding, but you have to beg in a personal message. Preferably in the form of a limerick, haiku, or sestina.



Dinner & Drinks

will be plentiful, and served buffet-style.


are our future, and also welcome.


should be limited to a Christmas tree ornament that will remind us of you.

Creative Dress

is highly encouraged.

Sundry Entertainment

will include a talent show. Do you wish to perform solo? Do you want a part in a larger pageant? Tell us your talents.

 The Appointed Time

February 2, 2019

Cocktails at Dusk: 5:08pm
Festivities begin 6:08pm sharp,
concluding 11:00pm

The Appointed Place

North Park Lodge

North Ridge Drive in North Park

Pittsburgh, PA, USA, The Universe



We already have a blender and more dishes than we know what to do with. You need not bring us more.

Instead, we’re asking for something to hang on our Christmas tree. It should be something interesting that will remind us of you. It need not have begun its life intended to be an ornament. Go forth, and find us charming, interesting, bizarre, and possibly faintly repulsive things to decorate our holy days.


YOU can be part of the entertainment. Are you an amateur Tibetan throat singer? Can you make a hat disappear into a rabbit? Would you like to dissect a kidney in an operating theatre? Poetry reading, interpretive dance, tax advice?

Perform your act, solo or ensemble, for one night only at the wedding spectacular.


Creative dress encouraged. If you need an idea for inspiration, press the button below. If you desire precise inspiration, press the button exactly once. But hell, what do we care, press the button as many times as you want, you magnificent bastard.

Click to generate a suggestion...



This ain’t no stinkin’ plated dinner à la Russe. It’s a frickin’ buffet.

There will be dishes to accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, onion-intolerant, or Tamra Birchfield.


Booze. Lots of it.

Also not booze, if that’s not your thing.


Children are free to join the party, and also will have an area with kid-friendly shenanigans.


It’s Pittsburgh and there’s a cookie table. If you have no idea what that means, holy shit have I got news for you. In fact, it’s gonna be a COOKIE TABLE EXPERIENCE™.

Brought to you by the incomparable Joyce, which probably means you have to take home six dozen cookies.